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Racing Chronograph Tribute TSR

Racing Chronograph Tribute TSR


The ARPIEM Tribute is a vintage, stylish and elegant men's automobile chronograph watch. Its creator's passion for motor sports is linked above all to emotions: sounds, shapes, smells and colors. It is these emotions that he wanted to transcribe in the collection Tribute watches equipped with a Swiss quartz movement.

The TSR is the new model of the Arpiem chrono dedicated to the world of endurance.

It evokes the era of the World Sportscar Championship, the ancestor of the current WEC organized between 1953 and 1992. The discipline fell into disuse at that time before being reborn in its current form in 2012.

The WSC period was marked by two golden eras: that of the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s with the titanic duels between Ford, Ferrari and Porsche. Then the 80s with the unforgettable Group C, Porsche again, Jaguar, Sauber-Mercedes, Lancia.

Index 18 indicates the number of titles won by Porsche in this championship. Index 32 highlights the record number of victories won by Jacky Ickx,


Arpiem has developed a short design / manufacturing / distribution circuit, in order to provide the right quality at the best price.


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