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Revolutions Per Minute, "ar-pi-em" in its English pronunciation. This is the meaning of the brand which aims to illustrate the mechanical and metallic universe of motor racing of the golden period of the 60s and 70s.

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Arpiem explores a period when the recurring risk of serious or fatal accident in competitions gave pilots a chivalrous and romantic dimension, pushing them to live in the present moment.

A time when private motorcycle riders such as the Australian Jack Findlay, crossed Europe in their camper vans to face on the circuits of the Continental Circus rider like Phil Read, Barry Sheene or Giacomo Agostini, hoping to collect the finishing bonus which would allow them to enter the next race.

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The creation of Arpiem comes from the desire of Vincent Repoux to illustrate these sensations in collections of watches with a“racing” and “vintage” character, given by their colors and their finishes.

These collections, all in numbered limited series, are the subject of the greatest care in the treatment of details and in the choice of quality components, while remaining accessible to the greatest number.

This project began in 2018 after a professional career of more than 35 years mainly devoted to motor racing (Rothmans Racing, Team Opel France) and professional football (FC Girondins de Bordeaux).



A time when the laws of aerodynamics did not create cars that were cloned from one another, but each bearing its own personality reflecting that of its creator.

A world made up of sounds, scents, shapes and colors beloved by the creator of Arpiem, who is more sensitive to the scream of a V12 in the Hunaudières than to the virtues of on-board electronics.

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