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The ARPIEM Tribute is a deliciously vintage, classy and elegant "sport " chrono. The passion for motorsports of its creator, Vincent Repoux, is linked above all to emotions: sounds, shapes, smells and colors. These are the emotions he wanted to transcribe in the ARPIEM Tribute.

The TMP4 salutes the memory of the first single-seater designed entirely in carbon, the McLaren MP4/1. This single-seater represented a decisive turning point for, both for the safety for drivers, and for engineering, bringing a degree of rigidity and solidity unknown until then.

The red and white secondary colors of the dial recall the livery of the car. The index 6 put forward is the number of chassis that were built. At the bottom of the dial is the mention of the first Grand Prix victory for a carbon hull single-seater, signed by John Watson in Great Britain in 1981.



Arpiem has developed a short design / manufacturing / distribution circuit, in order to provide the right quality at the best price.


The choices are always those of  affordable quality: proven and recognized Swiss or Japanese movements, the use of surgical-grade 316L steel for the cases, crystal-quality sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment, DLC treatment ( Diamond Like Carbon) for black cases rather than the less resistant PVD treatment, the use of stainless steel deployment buckles for the straps, original and rewarding packaging.

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Arpiem watches are revealed in the details of their design: the use of the "triple layer" dial, the presence of a colored button, the discreet engraving of the central button, the elements highlighted on the dials which participate in the story associated with each model.