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ARPIEM Tribute TJL "Jacques LAFFITE"

ARPIEM Tribute TJL "Jacques LAFFITE"


The ARPIEM Tribute is a "sport" chronograph, vintage, racy and elegant. The passion for motorsports of its creator is linked above all to emotions: sounds, shapes, smells and colors. These are the emotions he wanted to transcribe in the ARPIEM Tribute.


The TJL is a tribute to the talented and popular champion Jacques Laffite, who participated in the design of the watch and who signed it in a limited series of 300 copies.

The dial takes the green color of his helmet, the index 26 in red represents his race number with the F1 Ligier for nearly 10 years, is highlighted. The mention at the bottom of the dial ("fly-fishing rather than debriefing ”) summarizes the philosophy in these days. Finally, the signature of Jacques Laffite is present in a good position on the dial.


Arpiem has developed a short design / manufacturing / distribution circuit, in order to provide the right quality at the best price.


The choices are always those of  affordable quality: proven and recognized Swiss or Japanese movements, the use of surgical-grade 316L steel for the cases, crystal-quality sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment, DLC treatment ( Diamond Like Carbon) for black cases rather than the less resistant PVD treatment, the use of stainless steel deployment buckles for the straps, original and rewarding packaging.

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Arpiem watches are revealed in the details of their design: the use of the "triple layer" dial, the presence of a colored button, the discreet engraving of the central button, the elements highlighted on the dials which participate in the story associated with each model.