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Thanks to its character and originality, the new RD illustrates the DNA of the Arpiem brand.

It offers a unique complication, with a rotating dial that allows you to shift the dial by 60° and maintain intuitive reading of the time while driving – or on the handlebars – of your 4 or 2 wheeler.

This offset dial appeared in the middle of the last century, initially on pilot's watches. Quickly, it was proposed for models intended for car drivers and motorcyclists, this reading shift proving to be suitable when the wrist rests on the steering wheel or on the handlebar branch of the motorcycle. Even today, this type of watch remains the "driver's watch".

The complication offered on the RD allows the dial to be locked in the traditional “12 o'clock” position (REST position), or to be shifted (DRIVE position) by 60° to the “2 o'clock” position. This is a unique feature developed by Arpiem.

The RD TT evokes the mythical and singular speed race contested on the roads of the Isle of Man, which form the "MOUNTAIN COURSE" racetrack developing 60.7 km. It is the most dangerous le circuit in the world, with a frightenin