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The TCS 2 is the automatic version of the TCS chrono, Arpiem's "best seller". It pays homage to a powerful myth of motor racing, the Mulsanne Straight. This unique 5.8 km long straight takes a public road, the departmental D338, which is frequented by users all year round. She has largely participated in the legend of Le Mans. Index 14 reports the number of turns on the circuit that connect the end of the straight line to its beginning.

< THE CASE of the ARPIEM RACEMATIC is made of 316L stainless steel. The characteristics are an almost total absence of magnetism which therefore does not disturb the operation of the movement and a very low carbon content (less than 0.35%) which makes it particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. A water resistance of 10 ATM is proposed.

< DLC BEZEL COATING: DLC coating, Diamond Like Carbon, is a material combining the structure of graphite carbon with that of diamond and a variable quantity of hydrogen deposited under vacuum in thin layers. Its name refers to the qualities of the diamond found in the DLC: resistance to wear, inalterability and low coefficient of friction. Thanks to these qualities, it is found in the design of drilling tools, in engines, in the optical industry and in watchmaking of course. The DLC treatment of the bezel of the TJW 3 and TRB models gives them much better resistance to shocks and wear than that which would have been obtained with a conventional PVD coating.

< THE DIAL: the shape of the secondary dials (the "pandas") is inspired by the car pressure gauges of the sixties. The indexes of the main dial represent the graduations of the rev counter.

< THE TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN OF THE DIAL gives the ARPIEM an elegant volume, which also recalls the "sandwich" alloy construction of racing car chassis before the advent of carbon.

< THE HANDS: the main hour and minute hands are photoluminescent under natual light exposure by applying SUPERLUMINOVA BGW 9.

< THE MOVEMENT: automatic MIYOTA caliber 9132 with power reserve. Mounted on 26 jewels. Frequency = 28,800 Hz.

< DOMED SAPPHIRE GLASS: it is the best quality of glass available on the market. It is actually an aluminum oxide crystal and not a glass. Even though it is produced synthetically in an industrial way, it has the same chemical composition and the same physical properties as natural sapphire. Its main virtue is its scratch resistance. On the MOHS scale graduated from 1 to 10 which evaluates the hardness of minerals, it is classified at 9, only the diamond is harder and classified at 10. Most of the minerals constituting our daily objects are between 4 and 7 on this scale. Its domed finish gives the watch its "vintage" look.

< ANTI-REFLECTIVE TREATMENT: The glass is treated with 6 layers of anti-reflective coating which aim to limit the refraction of light on the sapphire crystal for a perfect perception of colors and materials (the more the number of layers applied is greater, the weaker the refraction of light).

< THE TACHOMETER: this one is revisited. The indexes are usually arranged irregularly on the crown. On the ARPIEM, they are placed like a diver's watch, with the speed given for each 5-second index on the dial.

< BACK OF THE CASE: this is equipped with a sapphire crystal revealing the engraved rotor of the automatic movement


Arpiem has developed a short design / manufacturing / distribution circuit, in order to provide the right quality at the best price.


The choices are always those of  affordable quality: proven and recognized Swiss or Japanese movements, the use of surgical-grade 316L steel for the cases, crystal-quality sapphire glass with anti-reflection treatment, DLC treatment ( Diamond Like Carbon) for black cases rather than the less resistant PVD treatment, the use of stainless steel deployment buckles for the straps, original and rewarding packaging.

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Arpiem watches are revealed in the details of their design: the use of the "triple layer" dial, the presence of a colored button, the discreet engraving of the central button, the elements highlighted on the dials which participate in the story associated with each model.